Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5 / Tab S – WIFI Authentication Error

I am the proud owner of many Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Tab S 10.4 and the Gear 2.

Most recently I switched from the ASUS RT-N16 to a DrayTek Vigor router and I started to experience weird WIFI Authentication Errors that would happen once in a while, but not immediately. Ever so often the phone would disconnect in standby and not reconnect to the WIFI network – awfully annoying I thought it was the router’s fault. But let’s look into this in detail:

First of all, the new router lacks the 5 GHz WIFI-band, so I thought it might be interference from my neighbours. I live outside the town, so I was seeing 3 neighbouring WIFIs. That couldn’t be it. I tried many different settings and channels, but always missed one thing. My new router is able to do 802.11b/g/n – the b was not utilized before.

So I tried disabling 802.11b as it is almost not used anymore and ridicolously slow (it’s a really old standard) and set my DrayTek Vigor to 802.11 g + n – and voilà: no more Authentication Errors. If that didn’t help, try to disable WMM / WME also.


Deactivate 802.11b and WMM / WME

Did that help to solve your problem? I’d like to hear about that in the comments

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