Several networking issues with my Banana Pi

The past days I have been struggling to get my Banana Pi working. As it was fun getting there, I ran into a couple of issues that shouldn’t be there. Since I had them on all images I used, I assume there are some hardware issues to be solved. That may also be possible via software, but so far, I don’t see any fixes.

The issues

So basically I am having 2 issues that makes them unsuitable for headless operation.

  • Sometimes after booting, the eth0 interface is unable to transmit data
  • On high CPU load, ssh breaks off

So not only do I have to $ screen every session, also, when I am rebooting (i.e. when relocation from my livingroom with a monitor to the basement without one), there is a 50% chance the network inferface is useless


I just put mine on amazon for sale. Luckily there is a demand right now since they are still quite new.

It was fun while it lasted

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