Lemaker: You’re really being in bad style copying my article

So recently I was checking other search engines for how my posts rank. While doing so, I found a competing article to my guide INSTALL DEBIAN WHEEZY ON YOUR BANANA PI so I decided to click on it.

I am not going to link on the page to boost it even further in search engines‘ rankings.

Lemaker copied my article in full, adding a link in the very bottom as source, however, I never authorized Lemaker to do so. In my opinion, a complete copy/paste of a blogpost of this length, as flattering as it is, is a violation of my copyright – which even exist for free publications.

This might just be another expression of how chinese care about the rest of the world. They bluntly copy everything they can get a hold of and claim it as their own. Lemaker, show some decency. If you need a guide like that on your website, pay me for it and I’ll be glad to sell the rights to you. But stealing. Really?

Update: Lemaker apologized in the same forum thread, stating that they just wanted to share the information. That being an honest intention, they still failed doing it the proper way (Ask first, correct citing, etc). Anyways, they also deleted the pasted article and just left the link to my original article in place, so no hard feelings here.

@Lemaker: If you want some nice guides for your hardware, talk to me! I am sure we can work something out.

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  1. Sorry again, CHRISTIAN BOCK, I am Tony. Could you pm your email through lemaker forum? I hope we can have talk.

  2. Dont misunderstand me, but it seems you have copied parts from another guide and you are worried about this forum is copying from you – using sharp words.

    And then I read your this article!
    That gave my a picture of you like to be a troublemaker – not following rules on correct conversations (see your article copied, ask to replace it by a link, etc. pp.) but claiming your (maybe false) rights of journalism (have you studied it?) being followed in a forum the correct way.
    What you have done is not fair also – so calm down and try to communicate with the forum-posters next time BEFORE naming and shaming the complete website/forum!

    Thank you!

    1. Dear anonymous user,

      your accusations that I copied parts from another guide are plain wrong. What’s correct is, that I read other guides for ARM installation helps and then set up my banana PI using my own words. I spent a couple of hours to get it working and invested time and money (Banana PIs don’t come free, you know?). Applying recently aquired wisdom is not copy/paste. A fine but essential difference.

      I am not claiming rights of journalism, however I was stating that the copyright with a text written and published by me on my blog stays with me. Lemaker was simply using copy and paste to put contents within their domain, and for that fact it simply does not matther whether this is inside a wiki, a blog or a forum. They also did this without my consent.

      As for naming and shaming the forum. I did that, and I got a good reason. The copyright violation was done by a „Super Moderator“ (named sinovip) – therefore I can assume that he acted in the interest of the company.

      As for your comment. Thank you for coming to my site. I don’t know your background, but I hope that the subject of copyright will be clear to you one day.

      Best Regards,

      Christian Bock

  3. Dear Mr. Bock,

    yes you are right in have copyright on your article – thats a point for you.

    But what make me think you haven’t thought twice on this is:

    1. you are writing that you have worked out your article by reading chinese websites – but you even gave them no credits (as of speaking for fairness to others) – and I suppose you got the wisdom to setup your article from those pages – for free.

    2. i think you dont have asked the super moderator sinovip for his background: Is he really a labour of the company or is he used a well trusted user? Besides that it wouldn’t be hard to discuss that „stealing“ in the forum BEFORE shaming someone.

    3. you intend that this behaviour is typical for chinese (‚This might just be another expression of how chinese care about the rest of the world.‘) – this is racism and prejudice to chinese-people!

    4. you have invested money for buying a banana pi. Just for writing this article? Nobody told you have to do this by life – or?

    1. This is clearly not the place for a lenghty discussion, so I will just post short statements.
      1. The URL is now down, I removed the dead link. I won’t spend time looking for an alternative source.
      2. I tried to reach Lemaker otherwise without any luck
      3. And even if it was racist, is that against the law? As far as I am seeing things, Banana PI is somewhat of a rip-off of the Raspberry PI. That does not mean it’s bad, because this is indeed a nice little toy. But we have seen many fake products from China, so it is just my humble opinion. Be my guest and google „china product plagiarism“
      4. Noone tells me to do research and play with hardware, that’s right. But noone tells you to breathe or eat, right? You are just doing what you like, and if you put some effort in your work, you don’t want it being stolen.

      To clarify. If Lemaker went up to me asking me whether they could use the guide or not, I’d have gladly agreed. But copy and pasting a whole page is plagiarism.

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