Belgrade at night, let’s talk about some things

I took this photo from the hotel I stayed in in the center of Belgrade. I just love how old these concrete block houses look, although they don’t on purpose. This is a photo, that on the first look, looks just fine. But again, I am bothered by some technicalities here.

Belgrade at night    © 2011  Christian Bock
Belgrade at night    © 2011  Christian Bock

That bright blue window in the center

So what’s going on here? I have tried to find out what that blue window is about, but on all the photos I took, I didn’t quite see anything. You can see some blue tint in other windoes as well, somaybe I shot it in the second something blue was on TV. But really, damn, it’s drawing your eye. Must. stop. looking. at. this. blue. spot. Belgrade at night, let’s talk about some things weiterlesen

Long exposure of Siegestor, Munich

I made this when I got my first fixed focal length lens, the Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm 1:1,8G. Unfortunately I did not get a neutral density filter yet, so to not over-exposure for longer exposures I had to shoot in a not so optimal aperture range. I would have liked the background to blur a bit.

Siegestor Munich    © 2013  Christian Bock
Siegestor Munich    © 2013  Christian Bock
EXIF Info:

Long exposure of Siegestor, Munich weiterlesen

Public Jabber/XMPP server to come soon

Just on a quick note, as soon as I get my hand on another Odroid-U3, I will migrate the XMPP server to it and open registrations via a webinterface for everyone.

I am still thinking about allowing in-band registrations with some additional CAPTCHA-solving to be required (otherwise messaging won’t work), but I need to find a way to make that technically possible. Just supplying a web-frontend seemed the easier choice.

Photos of the Odroid-U3

In a shopping frenzy I not only got my hands on some Banana Pi, I also ordered one Odroid-U3 for fun, but I just found out how powerful this quad core board is, so I moved the websites over to it.

Here are some high resolution photos to inspect it further:

Odroid-U3 (Bottom View)Odroid-U3 (Top #1)Odroid-U3 (Top #2)Odroid-U3 (Top #3)Odroid-U3 (Top #4)

The notepad the board is resting on is a German A4 pad, each square measures 5mm, which converts to 0.196850394 inches.

3 Reasons why you should host your own services at home

The internet of things is there. Cloud services are available for free on a wide scale. You dropbox, gmail, skype and iCloud sync. But this convenience comes with a price: Your data is everywhere, cluttered on thousands of internet servers and you are slowly losing control of what services you are using.

But what are the real advantages of hosting your services at home? 3 Reasons why you should host your own services at home weiterlesen

Hosting your services at home with Raspberry Pi

I played with Single-Board Computers for some time now, and although I was completely happy with just having a mediacenter and something to play with, I wanted to do something I can benefit of. So I decided to start hosting my own services on my Raspberry Pis.

Now I relocated a bunch of them into my basement, supplying them with ethernet over the powerline being responsible for many „cloud services“ I use. The headline to this article could also read: Reclaim your cloud! Hosting your services at home with Raspberry Pi weiterlesen

Banana Pi does not network when CPU is busy

As a followup to the last post, I was trying to compile a new kernel. I used make -j3 to speed up the process, after all, the Banana Pi has a dualcore CPU, so 3 threads should be appropriate.

But whenever I start that, it seems to hang and not do anything, so I decided to hook it up to HDMI and give it a try there. It is currently compiling, but as it is 2:20am, I will most likely post results of that in the morning, if not when returning from my day job.

Solution: cross-compile on another CPU, that does not take ages as well.