3 Reasons why you should host your own services at home

The internet of things is there. Cloud services are available for free on a wide scale. You dropbox, gmail, skype and iCloud sync. But this convenience comes with a price: Your data is everywhere, cluttered on thousands of internet servers and you are slowly losing control of what services you are using.

But what are the real advantages of hosting your services at home?

#1 Your own services can’t be closed down

There is a huge list of internet services, that were once a great thing. Everyone loved it and it attracted many users, making the service big and popular. Unfortunately, big and popular services also attract investors and competitors. So it happens from time to time that one company buys another, may it be for the product itself (=you are lucky) or for the knowledge/employees (=you are unlucky, the service usually gets closed down). The one that hurt me the most was „Google Reader“, a service for managing different RSS subscriptions. Google aquied it, ran it for some time and lost interest. It got closed down.

If you are hosting your own service, it can’t be taken away. And if someone is buying it, you apparently have done something right and are rich now.

#2 You learn something

Setting up a webserver can be quite a time-consuming thing. At first, you have to install your favourite operating system for this job, then install the server daemon, configure it and test it. Something that usually happens after one click on a „purchase“-button. But look at the bright side. Chances are, that after you set up your own server, you build knowledge about the service you are using, putting you ahead in the game and making you more of an expert than your peers.  In the long run, you will benefit from your knowledge, one way or another

#3 Your data is your data

Even if you are running a couple of different services, you still know exactly, where your data are. They are in your private space, at home. Noone will share your information, sell your address to advertisers or give your documents to the government, because they suspect you are a terrorist.

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