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I fixed my Intel Wireless-AC 7260 dropouts on my Dell XPS-15 9530

UPDATE 3: Dell claims the final fix is updating the BIOS:

UPDATE 2: Forget anything mentioned below. I „fixed“ my dropouts by replacing my wifi router.

UPDATE: nope, just after the blogpost, went awol again

It happened to me as it happened to many people on the internet with the Intel Wireless-AC 7260 WIFI card. Especially but not limited to the combination with the Dell XPS-15 9530 it happened every once in a while that under Windows 8.1, the connection would die in the background showing „Limited connectivity“ in the task bar.

Some needed to reboot, toggle flight mode or simply wait a couple of minutes for it to resolve. It was frustrating because nothing seemed to help. I tried a jillion different drivers and enabled/disabled almost every setting on the driver and on my router without luck.

I eventually gave up and kept installing „my usual“ ™ tools to my new laptop, which includes cfos speed – a traffic shaper to improve ping times and upload speeds when the download channel is exhausted. When I got back on the WIFI I was waiting for it to fail again to investigate further, but it didn’t for an hour now, which is unusual.

What I cen see though is, that the speed is not as constant as it was without the traffic shaper (that tries to keep a low ping) and drops to half or even 1/10th of the avialble speed, but the connection is not dying! But why? The only thing I can imagine is that there are some RX/TX buffers on the card that overflow ocasionally and the card dies for a second, or communication between that and Windows has errors. With cfos however, the transfers are throttled a bit, but the situation is a hundred times better than before.

SUCCESS!!!! Please comment if you can reproduce that or have other questions (I’ll keep you posted if it changes.)

I am not affiliated with cfos, I know it costs 15 EUR to buy. But you can try it for free for 30 days to check if it also solves your WIFI problem