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Lemaker: You’re really being in bad style copying my article

So recently I was checking other search engines for how my posts rank. While doing so, I found a competing article to my guide INSTALL DEBIAN WHEEZY ON YOUR BANANA PI so I decided to click on it.

I am not going to link on the page to boost it even further in search engines‘ rankings.

Lemaker copied my article in full, adding a link in the very bottom as source, however, I never authorized Lemaker to do so. In my opinion, a complete copy/paste of a blogpost of this length, as flattering as it is, is a violation of my copyright – which even exist for free publications.

This might just be another expression of how chinese care about the rest of the world. They bluntly copy everything they can get a hold of and claim it as their own. Lemaker, show some decency. If you need a guide like that on your website, pay me for it and I’ll be glad to sell the rights to you. But stealing. Really?

Update: Lemaker apologized in the same forum thread, stating that they just wanted to share the information. That being an honest intention, they still failed doing it the proper way (Ask first, correct citing, etc). Anyways, they also deleted the pasted article and just left the link to my original article in place, so no hard feelings here.

@Lemaker: If you want some nice guides for your hardware, talk to me! I am sure we can work something out.

Banana Pi does not network when CPU is busy

As a followup to the last post, I was trying to compile a new kernel. I used make -j3 to speed up the process, after all, the Banana Pi has a dualcore CPU, so 3 threads should be appropriate.

But whenever I start that, it seems to hang and not do anything, so I decided to hook it up to HDMI and give it a try there. It is currently compiling, but as it is 2:20am, I will most likely post results of that in the morning, if not when returning from my day job.

Solution: cross-compile on another CPU, that does not take ages as well.

Install Debian Wheezy on your Banana Pi

Update: Before wasting a lot of time, you might want to take a look at The guide is being kept for legacy reasons.

I just got myself a Banana Pi today and was unsatisfied with the selection of prebuilt images, so I dove into some chinese websites with the help of google chrome translate and figured out how to get „quite a vanilla“ debian installation. Install Debian Wheezy on your Banana Pi weiterlesen