Banana Pi does not network when CPU is busy

As a followup to the last post, I was trying to compile a new kernel. I used make -j3 to speed up the process, after all, the Banana Pi has a dualcore CPU, so 3 threads should be appropriate.

But whenever I start that, it seems to hang and not do anything, so I decided to hook it up to HDMI and give it a try there. It is currently compiling, but as it is 2:20am, I will most likely post results of that in the morning, if not when returning from my day job.

Solution: cross-compile on another CPU, that does not take ages as well.

Install Debian Wheezy on your Banana Pi

Update: Before wasting a lot of time, you might want to take a look at The guide is being kept for legacy reasons.

I just got myself a Banana Pi today and was unsatisfied with the selection of prebuilt images, so I dove into some chinese websites with the help of google chrome translate and figured out how to get „quite a vanilla“ debian installation. Install Debian Wheezy on your Banana Pi weiterlesen